"This noticeably increased our ads' conversion rates"

"It's like having the best moderator working 24/7"

"This is saving us so many hours each week."

Facebook and Instagram moderation made easy

Effortlessly moderate and manage comments across your posts & ads.

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Your all-in-one platform to manage comments on Facebook & Instagram

Moderate and manage all your comments from one place, with your entire team.

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Manage comments at scale, from an AI-powered inbox

  • Keep track of all comments you've received on your posts and ads, in a single inbox.
  • Use filters and bulk actions to prioritize and blaze through your comments.
  • AI highlights comments that need a reply, so you can easily focus your efforts.

Automatically hide unwanted comments even while you sleep

  • AI detects and automatically hides offensive comments in 12 languages.
  • Filter out spammy URL's, images, email, phone numbers, keywords and more.
  • Auto-hide all new comments and unhide only those you want to make visible.

Engage faster with automation and AI-generated responses

  • Use saved replies so you don't have to repeat yourself over and over again.
  • Send automated responses triggered by specific keywords in the comment.
  • Let AI generate accurate replies based on custom knowledge about your brands.

Safely collaborate with others, without risking your account

  • Never have to share passwords with clients, VA's or team members again.
  • Give full or limited access to others, so they can respond on behalf of your page.
  • Unlimited users are included at no extra cost, so you can add as many as needed.

Trusted by 500+ agencies, admins & moderators

CommentGuard keeping our comments free of spam has noticeably increased our ads' conversion rates. It has been an absolute game changer for us.

Eric Smith

NicheScraper, CopyGenius & AutoShorts


It gives me peace of mind that our ad or post comments aren't going to be spammed. Truly, I don't know what small business owners do without it.

Pamela Fletcher

The Dizzy Knitter


This app has gone from a great idea to our go-to platform for monitoring and managing comments. In short, nothing drops through the cracks.

Peter Julian



Honestly wouldn't know how to manage comments without it. In our market where people are skeptical, being able to monitor and respond quickly is crucial. 

Stef van Vliet



Running thousands of ads it was getting very hard to monitor all of the comments, so this software is extremely useful and time saving for our business.

Patricia Massa

Mass Inbound

CommentGuard has saved so much time for our non profit! We are able to now block spammy comments and bots from targeting our supporters.

Cathy Stanley

Camp Cocker Rescue

Automatically hide harmful comments and spam

Hide all new comments until you have reviewed them or use selected filters.

Offensive language AI 

Offensive language (with and without swear words) in 12 languages.


Spammers who try to hijack your ad impressions to lure away traffic.


Images and GIFs that are often used to circumvent keyword blacklists.


Attempts to tag your crowd to get their attention and slide in their DM's.


Handpicked emojis with a negative underlying sentiment or all emojis.


Specific keywords, like mentions of the names of your competitors.

Email and phone

Just anything that contains an email address or a phone number.

Hide all comments

Automatically hide all new comments, within seconds of them being posted.

Unhide them manually after you have reviewed & approved comments, so your comment section looks spotless.

Safely collaborate with your team, VA's and clients

Never have to give access to your pages again, or worse... share login details!

No credit card required, cancel anytime

Unlimited users are included at no extra cost

Invite sub-users into your account, so they can reply to comments on behalf of your page without having access to it.

Control access for admins, managers & moderators

Control access to your comments, moderation settings and account-wide settings with just a few clicks.

Give full or limited access to your team and VA's

Assign users to all or just selected pages in your account so no one gets lost on which comments they should handle.

More powerful features


Translate incoming and outgoing comments to any language.

Saved replies

Save time with template replies that you can easily re-use.

Bulk actions

Bulk hide, unhide, like or delete comments with a single click.


Setup automated responses that are triggered by keywords.


Generate and export CSV files containing your comments.

Block users

Block trolls & repeat offenders from leaving comments again.


Filter comments by date, visibility, replied status, intent & more.


Receive a daily email to inform you of new comments in your inbox.

Never miss important comments, even when you’re on the go

Enjoy full access to your dashboard from any smartphone, with our responsive web app.

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Is this software approved by Facebook and Instagram?

CommentGuard has been reviewed by the Meta App Review team and was approved, guaranteeing it's fully compliant with all of Meta's policies.

Which languages do you support?

Our AI detects offensive language (with and without swear words) in the following languages: English, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

Does this work for Facebook and Instagram ads?

CommentGuard supports automated moderation of comments on all types of Facebook and Instagram organic and paid content, including: ads, sponsored page posts, stories and reels. 

How easy is it to integrate with CommentGuard?

After signing up you'll connect your Facebook account and select the Facebook Pages and Instagram Business Accounts you'd like to use with CommentGuard. This will only take a few clicks.

Do you import and process my comment history?

CommentGuard processes new comments, starting from the moment you add a Facebook or Instagram page to your account. It does not retroactively import and/or process comments that were received before the Facebook or Instagram page was added to our software.

Can I completely disable comments with CommentGuard?

You can enable our "Hide all comments" setting, which will instruct CommentGuard to automatically hide all new comments within seconds of being posted. This way you're able to review comments and approve them before they'll be publicly visible.

Can I set CommentGuard to auto-reply to all comments?

CommentGuard can auto-reply to comments triggered by a specific keyword in the comment. 

Why do you hide instead of delete comments?

CommentGuard automatically hides comments based on your moderation settings, but doesn't automatically delete comments. This is on purpose and for two important reasons. Firstly, hiding a comment on Facebook means the author and his or her friends can still see it while at the same time it's hidden from the broad public. This prevents further outrage and the feeling of censorship, while limiting the public visibility of harmful comments. Secondly, hiding is a reversible action, meaning comments can still be made publicly visible again. You can manually unhide or delete comments that were hidden directly from inside your CommentGuard dashboard.

The faster, easier way to manage comments

See how much easier it is to keep up with your Facebook & Instagram comments. 

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