How can I add my new page to CommentGuard?

Are you trying to add a new page to CommentGuard, but is it not showing up when you click on the +Add new page dropdown menu?

The "+ Add new page" dropdown will show a list of all pages which the CommentGuard application has been granted permission to but that are not added to CommentGuard yet. In the screenshot below, I've given permission to use the CommentGuard Instagram page but I've not added it yet.

If I click on the name of the page it will be added to CommentGuard.

Initially when you connect your Facebook account to CommentGuard you've given the required permission for all or a selection of your pages.

When all the pages that you've given permission for are already added, the dropdown menu will show up empty and when you click on +Add new page nothing will happen.

If you'd like to add other pages at a later time, you can refresh your Facebook access token with all the required permissions.

To generate a new Facebook access token of refresh the current one: