When, why and how to setup Facebook auto-comments?

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world.

With over 2.91 billion monthly users, it’s an absolute favorite of individuals, businesses, and niche-leaders.

Over the years, the social media giant has significantly evolved by introducing a plethora of remarkable features to make the social-experience intuitive.

Today, you can do anything and everything on Facebook with a few clicks.

For instance, you can share stories to give a sneak-peek of your workspace, go live to make a real-time talk with your followers, post images/videos in multiple formats, schedule events, host giveaways, and advertise your products.

Although many of these advanced features form the face of Facebook, the fundamentals define its true value.

In simple words, for most people, Facebook is a platform where they can, like a post, react to it, leave comments to express opinions, and share resonating content with friends.

This Is what drives the modern-marketplace.

Say you come across a post, appreciate the content and leave a comment expressing your views on it. In the bigger picture, your comment plays a critical part in shaping the future-posts of the page. 

According to a statistic: A typical Facebook user aged 18+ leaves a median of 5 comments on Facebook posts every 30 days.

This means meaningful user engagement, especially comments, provides critical insights which brands can use to create new content and advertising strategies or change the current ones.

The comments section offers many ways to engage with your audience, provide them with value, attract potential customers, and listen to discussions around your brand.

Although this is a proven plan to grow on the platform, its application isn’t simple.

This Is because attending to every comment on all the posts requires a mammoth of effort and time.

Think about it. Do you have the time to reply to every comment on your posts? Obviously, it isn’t practical but has many advantages. You can address customer complaints, guide someone to make a purchase, or thank followers to appreciate them.

This Is where Facebook automation comes in.

It changes everything by giving you superpowers to automate actions on Facebook.

Imagine replying to specific comments with curated messages, addressing complaints privately, automatically deleting spam and more.

Facebook auto-comments make this possible.

In this article, we’ll discuss all about Facebook comments and learn when, why and how to set up Facebook auto-comments.

Let’s get started…

What is Facebook automation?

Facebook automation is the Hogwarts equivalent of the social world.

In simple words, it involves using online tools and pieces of software to automate actions required to manage a Facebook page.

For instance, you can schedule your posts for months in advance, setup analyzing tools to measure your metrics to provide meaningful insights every week or use Facebook auto-comments to manage your comments section without moving a muscle.

Why do you need Facebook automation?

Say you have a page on Facebook and want to engage with followers to appreciate their interactions on your content.

There are many ways to accomplish this, and engaging with their comments is one of them.

Now, consider one of your high-performing posts has 1000+ comments from followers expressing the value of the post.

Although necessary, you can’t reply to every comment.

This would require an unfathomable number of hours, which you could easily use in developing new content, making strategies and more.

What if you can reply to comments without even spending a minute?

What if every time a follower comments something specific, your curated comment gets automatically posted?

This would save a massive chunk of your time, allowing you to attend to other areas of your social media growth. Your brand will never sleep and grow follower count by many folds.

Facebook automation helps you achieve this and many actions like scheduling posts, measuring brand performance, analyzing A/B testing results and focus on the bigger picture of your social presence.

Why is Facebook commenting and replying important?

Facebook commenting and replying is one of the most effective methods to engage with your customers/followers. It’s how you build a loyal customer base by personalizing their experience with your brand/page.

Let’s look at a few of many ways Facebook commenting and replying helps you grow.

Boost your brand credibility

Credibility means the quality of getting trusted or believed in. You want your followers to trust your brand. This means every time you post something, they must feel the content is valuable or every time they need something related to your niche, they would instantly turn to your brand.

Attending comments helps boost this credibility among your followers.

It shows you appreciate their views and are happy to take the time to interact with them. Hence, turning them into loyal customers.

Increase customer engagement

Facebook algorithm considers meaningful interactions on posts, a critical metric to rank content.

The more meaningful interactions on your brand, the more strong your presence on the platform.

Comments section is a great place to improve engagement on your posts.

Say a few customers have commented expressing why they like your content/product, or someone has raised a query about one of your products.

Now, you can attend to such comments by replying. This’ll not only make the customers feel valued but also urge them to leave more comments.

When new followers notice your participation in discussions, they would also take part by leaving comments.

Hence, increase customer engagement by many folds.

How do Facebook auto-comments help you?

A survey claimed: Average engagement rate for Facebook pages with fewer than 10,000 fans is 0.27%.

This means you get limited opportunities to engage with your audience and guide them to take action.

Hence, you need to capitalize on every comment you receive on your posts to make sure you are driving maximum results from your effort.

However, this is possible if you go the extra mile to provide value.

Generic replies work, but they aren’t impactful as specific replies with context. 

After all, you don’t want all your followers reading the same answer from you on every comment. This would suggest you are using a bot and don’t have the time to listen.

This Is where the problem begins. Nobody has the time to go through every comment, read them, create specific replies and send.

Imagine doing so for 2000 comments?

This would waste your valuable time you could easily spend on other critical things. 

Fortunately, Facebook comments auto-reply solve this problem in no time.

Engage with context

Context is the most critical part of engaging with an audience. This means you can’t go around throwing generic replies to every comment. 

For instance, you can provide value to a comment or similar comments saying: I really liked your product. Keep up the good work! 

With a reply: Thank you for the feedback. We hope to provide you with more value because you are precious to us.

Now, this reply wouldn’t work for a comment: When are you open? Or How to use your product? Or I have a suggestion for your brand.

Hence, it’s critical to reply with context.

You can do this by setting rules while processing Facebook auto-comments.

This means every time someone comments, you’ll automatically send contextual replies.

By doing this repeatedly, you’ll build a happy customer-base and expect them to become your brand advocates, eventually.

Answer queries

You need to capitalize on every query in the comments section, especially when the engagement rate is low.

Most brands commit the mistake of ignoring queries in the comments sections and miss out on potential customers.

This Is because people raise queries around discussions and expect brands to attend to them.

Now, can you answer every query?

Of course not. But you can always set up Facebook comment automation to get things done. This means attending to all the queries within seconds.

Convert potential customers

Every so often, it’s better to deal with some comments privately. For instance, say someone who’s utterly convinced about your products and on the verge of making a purchase has asked a query. You can privately reply to them to seal the deal. In simple words, answer their queries paired with a coupon code to give the last push or upsell some products at a discounted price.

You can easily do this using auto-comments on Facebook.

How to set up Facebook auto-comments?

Now let’s address the prime question: How to set up Facebook auto-comments? 

Setting up Facebook auto-comments is simple.

All you need to do is link your Facebook page with CommentGuard, aka the best Facebook auto-commenting software.

Follow the steps to set up Facebook auto-comments:

  1. Login to your CommentGuard account and link your Facebook page from the Dashboard.
  2. Now, under the Comments Category, you’ll see the comments from unique posts on your page.
  3. Navigate to the Rules Feature and name your rule. For instance, Thank you replies.
  4. Select a trigger. For instance, Comment contains certain keywords.
  5. Define the keywords and select an action.
  6. Type a comment or select from your saved replies.
  7. Choose whether you want to send the reply as a normal reply or a private message.
  8. Save the rule.

Let’s understand this with an example.

Say you wish to set up auto-replies for queries related to opening hours of your business.

You can name the rule opening hour queries and select the trigger; Comment contains certain keywords. 

You can define keywords like Opening hoursClosing HoursTime of Operation, etc. and save a message: Our store opens at 9.00 AM and closes at 10 PM throughout the week except Sunday.

This means every time you receive comments containing the keywords you have defined, CommentGuard will auto-reply with the message you have saved.


1. You may save replies and select them from the Saved-list.

2. You can also use emojis to make your replies more intuitive.

3. Not only that, but you may choose to reply privately or as a normal comment.

You can follow these steps to set up Facebook auto-comments using CommentGuard.

How CommentGuard helps you manage your Facebook comments?

The comments section is a tricky place, or as I consider, it’s a battleground. You need to take care of the positive comments, reply to everyone with context and deal with negative comments.

Most people ignore the effects of negative comments.

While attending to every comment is critical, so is hiding and deleting negative comments.

This Is because these comments hurt your brand reputation and scare away potential customers.

There are many people who intentionally post negative feedback, inappropriate messages and use self-promotional tricks to harm your brand.

This means you need to have your arsenal prepared with tools to take on them.

CommentGuard helps you win the battle by providing many remarkable features to deal with negative comments apart from the awesome auto-comment features.

Let’s look at how CommentGuard helps you manage your Facebook comments.

Outstanding moderation filters

With CommentGuard, you get a plethora of filters to use filter specific comments and either choose to hide or delete them.

1. The profanity filter allows you to auto-hide comments that contain profanity.

2. The toxicity filter allows you to auto-hide comments that would be perceived as toxic by readers, using AI that supports 10 different languages.

3. You can also hide comments containing certain URLs, images, and GIFs.

Hide and delete specific comments.

CommentGuard gives you the complete liberty to deal with specific comments. You can set up rules to auto-hide or delete comments containing specific keywords.

Using the Keyword blacklist, you can define a set of keywords, and every time you receive a comment containing the keywords you have defined, CommentGuard will either auto-hide or delete them.

NOTE: You can even use the Private Mode to completely turn off comments on your posts.

All-in-one dashboard

The best aspect of CommentGuard is you get to perform a plethora of actions from one dashboard. This means you needn’t waste time navigating through funders of options to get things done.

Well, apart from these features, you get many more with CommentGuard

It’s a remarkable software that helps you manage your comments section.


There you have it. Now you know when, why and how to set up Facebook auto- comments. Facebook’s comments section is a critical place to drive the growth of your business. This means attending to every comment with context, managing negative comments, and helping customers with queries.

But accomplishing this manually isn’t practical. Fortunately, you can use automation to set up Facebook auto-comments. This is where CommentGuard helps you with its prominent features.

It even goes above and beyond to help you manage every aspect of your comments sections with many filters, an all-in-one dashboard and more.