What is comment ranking on Facebook and how to use it?

Facebook’s news feed and pages are at the forefront of the platform. Daily billions of users interact with content including photos, videos and comments. The comment section is where your friends, fellow users and page followers share their views. 

But this can pile up over time and create a clutter with completely or less irrelevant and spam comments. Hence, to create and maintain an interactive space, you must manage how comments are displayed. 

Thankfully, with Facebook’s comment ranking feature, you can pick a sorting mechanism to rank comments to your liking. 

In this CommentGuard article, we’ll discuss Facebook comment ranking and learn how you can enable it on your profile and pages. 

Let’s get started…

Understanding comment ranking on Facebook?

Comment ranking is a Facebook feature which ranks all the comments on a post, such that the most meaningful and relevant comments stay at the top. This is because not all the comments entice users to interact and Facebook wants users to productively engage and spend more time on the platform.

For instance, say someone has posted a highly relevant comment on your post, but it’s buried under hundreds of less-engaging or spammy comments. Now, you won’t know or even scroll through to engage with that comment but if it were displayed at the top of the comment section, you might interact.  

This feature helps both Facebook page admins who can use the ranking system to attract more comments and the normal users to discover meaningful comments for a better platform experience. 

How does comment ranking on Facebook work?

Facebook can’t restrict users from commenting on posts but with the comment ranking system, it aims to restrict low-quality comments and prioritize the most relevant ones. 

To achieve this, the social media giant considers several factors, including relevancy of a comment to a post, its sentiment and engagement. The more interactions and reactions on a comment, the higher it ranks. 

For instance, say you posted a video of Cupcake recipe. Now, a comment that adds valuable insights to the recipe or shares a real-life experience with it, would rank higher than a comment that says “Great” or simply tags someone.

Here’re the factors Facebook uses to rank comments:

User engagement data 

Facebook observes and collects user engagement data and uses it to rank comments. This includes likes, shares, and time spent viewing a comment. The higher the tally of these metrics on a comment, means more users find it relevant and higher Facebook ranks it.


Facebook personalizes your feed by displaying posts which resonate with your interests. Similarly, it does so for the comments on a post. Based on your past interactions with comments, Facebook ranks them on newer posts. 

For instance, if you consistently engage with a particular friend’s comments, you might see their comment displayed to you, if they have commented on a post.

Reported comments 

The comments which users have reported as spam, or abusive usually rank the lowest. Such comments force users to not interact with posts. Hence, Facebook pushes such comments under the relevant ones.

Benefits of Facebook comment ranking

Comment ranking is a superb way to enhance the user experience on your profile and attract meaningful engagement on your Facebook pages. 

Reduced clutter 

With the comment ranking system, you can rely on Facebook to automatically filter and rank the most relevant comments at the top based on your previous interactions and engagement from fellow users. This means a less cluttered and highly resonating comment section to interact with.

Better user experience 

The comment ranking feature lets you highlight the most meaningful discussions on either your posts or the ones you engage with. Not only does this create a better user-experience for you in the news feed but also grabs the attention of your followers, enticing them to participate.

Improved relevance

Without the comment ranking feature, you would have to go through the comment section of posts on your page to remove spam and pin comments for your followers. But thanks to this feature, Facebook automatically increases the value of your posts making relevant comments readily accessible. 

Alternative sorting options for Facebook comments

Facebook lets you pick from three sorting options for the comment ranking system. 

Most relevant

This sorting option evaluates factors like your previous interactions with commenters, likes, and replies. When you use this sorting method, Facebook prioritizes comments from friends and people you frequently interact with, including comments with high engagement stats. 

For instance, if you have posted a post on your recent vacation, the most relevant sorting option will display comments from your closest friends and family over others. 


The newest sorting option ranks the comments from newest to oldest. This means the most recent comments appear at the top allowing you to see the latest responses. This is particularly helpful for time-sensitive posts, where you want to keep up with the most current feedback or comment-interaction. 

All comments 

This sorting option displays all the comments on a post, with the most relevant ones appearing first. This includes comments in the order they were posted, including potential scams. 

How to turn on/off Facebook comment ranking?

Let’s now discuss how you can turn on/off comment ranking for your profile as a user or page as a brand owner. Facebook automatically activates the feature for profiles with a large number of followers.

For a Facebook profile

To enable the comment ranking feature on your Facebook profile:

  • Login to your Facebook and navigate to your profile.
  • Click on “Settings and privacy” > “Settings.”
  • Tap on “Public Post” 
  • Next to Comment Ranking, click on “Edit” 
  • Toggle it “On.”

For a Facebook page

To enable the comment ranking feature on your Facebook page:

  • Navigate to your Facebook Page.
  • Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Page Moderation.”
  • Now, toggle on the “Enable comment ranking,” option.

Note: your page must have at least 10,000 page followers for the comment ranking feature to work.


Now you know what is comment ranking on Facebook, how it works, the benefits, and ways to enable it for your profile and page. This feature helps you improve the user experience on your newsfeed and for your page followers by decluttering the comment section and highlighting the most relevant comments.