How to use Facebook Moderation Assist?

Imagine you’re an admin of a bustling Facebook Page, drowning in comments that range from enlightening to downright harmful. The task of sifting through this digital jungle feels like a Herculean effort. 

But what if you had a powerful sidekick to automate the grunt work, leaving you more time for meaningful engagement? Welcome to Moderation Assist, Facebook’s innovative tool that streamlines community management. 

But how do you use Moderation Assist to maximize its benefits and make your role manageable and rewarding?

Join us at CommentGuard as we answer these questions and unlock this feature’s potential.

What is Facebook Moderation Assist?

Moderation Assist is an automated feature that lifts the pressure of managing Facebook Pages. Picture it as your behind-the-scenes digital assistant, tirelessly working to maintain the balance of your online presence.

screenshot of Facebook Moderation Assist homescreen

Its capabilities revolve around three functions:

  1. Filtering content: Moderation Assist automatically screens posts and comments based on predefined criteria. This means you can set it up to flag or hide comments on Facebook containing certain keywords, links, or even specific types of media (images or links).
  2. Automating moderation tasks: From auto-approving posts from trusted members to temporarily muting repeat offenders, this feature takes on routine tasks that would otherwise take up your valuable time.
  3. Flagging inappropriate posts: The tool doesn’t just stop at filtering – it also highlights posts that may need human review. Whether it’s blocking hate speech, spam, or potential violations of community guidelines, Moderation Assist brings it to your attention.

Facebook Moderation Assist creates an ecosystem where your members can engage in a safer, more respectful manner – one that thrives on positive and genuine interaction! In a landscape where online toxicity has real-world consequences, tools Moderation Assist isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Moderation Assist criteria

Moderation Assist offers broad criteria to tweak and tailor your moderation experience.

criteria settings for facebook moderation assist

The tool offers customizable settings that can be tweaked to meet your Facebook Page. Let’s take a look at what makes it such a powerful tool:

  • Keywords: Moderation Assist allows you to input keywords and phrases you want to limit. It’ll also catch common variations and loopholes – if you add “spam” to your criteria, the tool will catch“SPAM,” “s.p.a.m.,” “sp4m,” “spamm,” and “#spam.”
  • Profanity Filters: It has a built-in Facebook profanity filter to block bad words (which Facebook updates regularly). 
  • Language-specific settings: If your community is multilingual, you can tailor your settings to be language-specific. That means you could block a word in English while allowing Spanish words that are spelled similarly.
  • User profiles: You can flag or filter accounts that don’t have a profile picture, lack any social connections like friends or followers, or are relatively new – less than one week old, for example.
  • Content filtering: Automatically hides comments containing links, images, videos, or specific site URLs you’ve identified as problematic.

While these features sound promising, Moderation Assist has its shortcomings.

Most importantly: Moderation Assist works just on organic content, not on ads.

It also lacks contextual understanding. For example – it might flag the keyword “kill” regardless of whether the comment says, “I could kill for a pizza right now.”

Enter CommentGuard – a Meta-approved tool designed to address these limitations head-on with the power of machine learning. 

commentguard moderation settings

CommentGuard employs advanced machine learning algorithms to understand the context of words and phrases, allowing you to manage and approve Facebook comments more accurately.

This enhanced accuracy translates into an increased return on ad spend (ROAS) by creating a safer and positive space that thrives on user interaction. Check out our guide on adding a new page to CommentGuard to get started.

How to use Moderation Assist on Facebook

Step 1: Access Facebook Moderation Assist

To use Moderation Assist in the new Pages interface, switch to your desired page and open its Professional Dashboard. From the left-hand navigation panel, choose Moderation Assist and click the Let’s Go button to begin.

Step 2: Add criteria

Once you’ve accessed the moderation assist section, you can enable and configure various criteria for content filtering:

  • Go to the Manage Comments section and click the Add button.
  • Choose your desired criteria.
  • Click Add to Moderation Assist to finalize your settings.

Now, any new comments matching these rules will be automatically hidden. You can add multiple criteria for more refined moderation.

Step 3: Edit or delete criteria

Remember, community norms and needs are evolving. Thankfully, editing or deleting your existing criteria is super easy.

Go to Moderation Assist and select the pencil icon next to your chosen word, links, media, etc. Then click on Delete criteria and select Delete again. You can also edit your criteria here as well.

Step 4: View moderation insights

Facebook provides a “Moderation Insights” feature to determine if your settings work effectively. 

Here’s how to find these metrics:

  • Under Moderation Assist, select Activity Log to access your moderation activity insights.

Your insights will display analytics like the number of hidden comments and what triggered the action. You can use the filters at the top of your screen to refine your insights and gain insights into areas that need improvement.

Step 5: Review hidden comments

Finally, don’t forget to review comments that are automatically hidden using your criteria. While in your Activity Log, search for messages by a specific user using the Search commenter field at the top. 

Alternatively, you can apply filters to sort by date, type of activity, and specific criteria.

Elevate your moderation game with CommentGuard

Moderation Assist is a fairly capable moderation tool that works well when dealing with low comment volumes. But as a moderation tool for large communities and high-volume advertisers? It leaves a lot to be desired.

CommentGuard is a Meta-approved moderation tool that moderates comments at scale on Facebook and Instagram.

commentguard dashboard filled with comments

CommentGuard not only filters profanity, URLs, and emojis but also understands the context. This leads to a more accurate approach to moderation, building a healthier and more engaged community.

Register for a free trial and automate comment moderation in just a few clicks!