How to hide comments on Meta’s Threads?

Unlike Instagram’s picture-heavy focus, Meta’s Threads lets you dive into longer text discussions, perfect for when you want to explore topics in more detail. 

Comments on the Threads platform allow brands to engage directly with their audience, gather feedback, and build community around their products. This interaction helps personalize the brand experience and can drive customer loyalty.

At the moment of writing, Threads has around 140 million monthly active users.

Unfortunately, negative comments are a part of every other discussion, also on Threads.

They damage your brand’s reputation quickly and limit meaningful interactions on your shared content. Not only do they create a negative image of your brand and products, but also push away potential customers.

Hence, brands need to hide comments that are offensive, spammy, or misleading to maintain a professional and positive environment. This helps protect the brand’s image and ensures that discussions remain constructive and relevant to all users.

In this CommentGuard article, we will discuss how to hide comments on Instagram threads, and explore ways to automate comment moderation on Threads. 

What is Threads?

Consider Threads as the Twitter alternative from Meta.

In simple terms, it is a text-based social media platform which allows you to streamline communication and enhance user interaction through focused content sharing. 

As a platform developed by Meta, it connects seamlessly with Instagram, allowing you to extend your social experience in a more textual and conversational format. This integration serves the needs of users who prefer in-depth discussions or longer posts that are not typically suited to Instagram’s image-centric layout.

Threads’s app features a feed that you can scroll through, displaying brief text posts, or ‘threads’, limited to 500 characters. It allows you to include carousel photos and videos, with videos being up to five minutes long.

Features of Threads

Threads offers many useful features for individual creators and brands to post content, engage with their audience and make an impact through their marketing efforts. 

Threaded conversations

Sometimes, your audience may wish to engage in deeper conversations around your shared content. Threads allows in-depth discussions through its threaded conversation feature. Users can branch off from a main post and engage in multiple sub-discussions, each focusing on a particular aspect of the topic. 

Integration with Instagram

Another key feature is its deep integration with Instagram. Users can start a conversation on Instagram and seamlessly continue it on Threads, or vice versa. This is useful for brands and influencers who engage with large audiences.

Say, a fitness apparel brand posts a photo of a new workout collection on Instagram, capturing immediate visual interest. They then direct followers to Threads for a detailed discussion on the collection’s fabric technology, design inspiration, and fitness tips for using the apparel during different workouts.

Such a dual-platform strategy helps the brand leverage Instagram’s visual strength and Threads’ capacity for detailed conversations, increasing customer engagement.

Customizable privacy settings

Threads respects your privacy and hence offers robust customizable settings that allow you to control who sees your posts and engages in your discussions.

This can range from public to highly private threads. 

For instance, a wedding planning service can use Threads to coordinate with clients privately. They can set up private threads for each couple, discussing sensitive details like budget, guest lists, and personal preferences securely. This ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and provides a personalized service experience.

Rich media support

Despite being text-focused, Threads supports rich media integration, enabling you to enhance your textual content with images, videos, and links. 

For example, a DIY crafts store can use Threads to share detailed craft tutorials.

Each tutorial can begin with a text explanation followed by integrated videos and images showing each step. This multimedia approach helps customers understand complex crafts, encourages them to try projects, and draws traffic to the store’s website for supplies.

Why Threads makes sense 

With its comprehensive set of features, Threads is a superb social media platform for brands to engage with their audience and market products.

Focused content consumption

The text-based nature of Threads encourages more focused content consumption, which influences users to delve deeper into subjects, leading to more meaningful interactions.

This is ideal for engaging users who are looking for detailed information and genuine discussion rather than quick entertainment. It allows for a richer understanding of topics, fostering a community for building a dedicated audience around specialized subjects.

Say, a specialty coffee e-commerce store uses Threads to host deep dives into the origins and brewing techniques of their products. Each thread might focus on a different coffee bean origin, discussing its unique flavor profile, the best brewing methods for that specific bean, and stories from the farmers.

This level of detail attracts coffee enthusiasts who value education and community around their coffee consumption, driving engagement, and brand loyalty far more effectively than through superficial posts.

Less distraction

With no flashy visuals or videos automatically playing, Threads offers a less distracting environment that allows both content creators and their audience to engage deeply with the topics at hand. This is beneficial where attention gets easily diverted. Threads helps maintain attention on the discussion, facilitating a higher quality of interaction.

Say, a SaaS company that provides software development tools, uses Threads to create focused discussions on specific features or updates. When releasing a new update, they can detail the technical improvements and how these can optimize coding practices.

This setting allows developers to engage with the content without distractions, fostering a better understanding and encouraging feedback on the tools provided.

Encourages long-form communication

Threads not only supports but encourages long-form communication, making it an excellent platform for detailed exploration of ideas. The platform’s design supports structured content sharing and sustained conversation, enabling users to build on ideas. 

Say, a CRM SaaS provider, uses Threads to publish in-depth guides and best practices on customer relationship management. Each thread might cover different aspects of CRM, such as maximizing customer interactions, data analytics, or personalizing customer experiences. By providing detailed, long-form, content, the brand can not only educate its current users, but also attract potential customers who are looking for a CRM solution.

Why moderate comments on Threads?

Negative comments ruin your brand’s image and reduce the engagement rate of your posts significantly. Hence, it’s critical to hide damaging comments and spam on Threads. 

Maintaining a respectful environment

Unmoderated comments are like the bad weeds that harm your plantation.

In Threads, where users engage deeply with content, the quality of comments significantly affects the interactions of the audience. When users find comments containing foul language and personal attacks, they easily form a negative image of your brand.

Hence, effective moderation of comments is essential not only for preventing harmful behavior but also for fostering a safe environment where users can have quality interactions. A well-moderated environment invites more users to take part, sharing their thoughts without fear of harassment or abuse.

Say, an online mental health platform uses Threads to facilitate discussions on sensitive topics such as anxiety and depression. The nature of these conversations requires a cautious approach to moderation to prevent harmful interactions.

Effective moderation ensures that the discussions are supportive and constructive, helping users feel safe to share personal experiences and seek advice.

Protecting user privacy

Moderation plays an important role in protecting user privacy and preventing the spread of misinformation. Unhealthy competitors might attack your audience personally, post negative or false comments about your brand or products to push away your customers.

Consider another situation where the general audience may also discuss sensitive topics ranging from health issues to financial advice, scammers can easily misuse their personal data and feed inaccurate information. 

This is where moderation helps mitigate these risks by ensuring that discussions adhere to privacy standards and by removing misleading content. Effective moderation not only preserves user confidentiality and trust, but also upholds your brand’s credibility.

Say, a financial advisory SaaS company, uses Threads to discuss financial planning and investment strategies. This is where moderation is vital to ensure that no misleading information gets shared, protecting users from potential financial harm. Moderation also helps safeguard personal financial information that users might disclose, maintaining privacy and preventing potential misuse.

Enhancing user experience

Effective comment moderation directly enhances the overall user experience by maintaining the relevance and quality of discussions. Thread allows for detailed and thoughtful communication and it is crucial that the conversations remain clear, on-topic, and free of distractions. This involves filtering out spam, off-topic posts, and trolling, which significantly disrupts the flow of meaningful interaction. 

By ensuring relevant and respectful comments are visible, you can use moderation to maintain an organized and focused discussion space. Well-moderated discussions are more likely to attract and keep users busy in meaningful interactions.

Say, an e-commerce platform specializing in tech gadgets uses Threads to provide support and gather feedback on various products. Here, moderation is key to maintaining a high-quality discussion environment, ensuring that only relevant and helpful content is visible. This helps users find accurate information and support quickly, enhancing their shopping experience and satisfaction. 

How comment moderation works on Threads

Users and administrators can manage comments directly through the app or via the desktop interface. This involves reviewing comments, addressing reports of inappropriate content, and deciding on whether to hide, delete, or allow certain comments to remain visible. This approach ensures that you can maintain the context of discussions and make informed decisions..

How to manually hide comments on Instagram Threads

Manually moderating/hiding comments on Instagram Threads involves monitoring and managing interactions to maintain a safe and respectful community atmosphere. 

  • Regularly check the comments on your Threads. This active involvement helps to maintain community standards and encourages positive engagement.
  • If you encounter a problematic comment, click on the three-dotted icon and select “Hide for everyone.”
  • Encourage positive interaction by liking (hearting) good comments, which not only rewards but also promotes healthy engagement.

How to automatically hide comments on Instagram Threads

For accounts with high traffic or those seeking efficiency in moderation, Instagram provides tools to automatically filter out inappropriate comments:

  • Click on the hamburger icon > Privacy > Hidden words on your Threads account. This feature allows you to hide comments that may be offensive, which are determined by an algorithm provided by Instagram. 
  • Click on “Manage custom words and phrases,” to set custom words and phrases that you feel are inappropriate. Comments containing these specified terms will automatically be hidden from your audience.

What is Meta’s Threads API?

Meta is gearing up to release its Threads API. It contains a set of tools designed to facilitate seamless interactions between third-party developers and the Threads platform. This API allows for many functionalities, including the ability to post content, manage responses, and access detailed analytics directly from applications like Hootsuite and Sprinklr. Meta’s goal is to enhance the capabilities of developers by allowing them to interact more effectively with the platform, potentially leading to increased user engagement and streamlined social media management.

Features of the Threads API

The Threads API as per Meta will arrive with features aimed at providing developers the tools they need for comprehensive management:

  • Content Management: Developers can use the API to publish new content and fetch existing content, making it easier to integrate Threads into broader content strategies.
  • Reply Management: The API provides functionalities to manage how replies are handled, which includes options to hide or unhide specific replies, thus giving users control over the conversations occurring under their posts.
  • Analytics: Developers can access important metrics such as the number of likes, views, and other interactions, which are crucial for understanding audience engagement.

The API comes with built-in limitations on the number of posts and replies that can be made within specific time frames.

CommentGuard helps in moderation on Facebook & Instagram

CommentGuard is an outstanding comment moderation tool for Facebook and Instagram (soon also Threads). It offers robust moderation capabilities with its advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to automatically detect and filter out inappropriate content, such as spam, offensive language, and harassment. 

Centralized comment management

CommentGuard gathers all comments from Facebook and Instagram—including those on posts and advertisements into a single dashboard. This centralization allows you to prioritize urgent responses, with features such as saved replies, auto-replies, and AI-generated responses, to increase efficiency and maintain a consistent voice across all communications.

Advanced automated moderation

The platform offers around-the-clock automated moderation that identifies and filters out offensive content, spam, and other undesirable interactions in 12 different languages. It can automatically hide new comments for manual review before they go public, ensuring that only appropriate content gets displayed. This helps you in maintaining brand reputation and adhering to community standards on the respective platforms.

Filtering and engagement tools

CommentGuard uses advanced filters that automatically screen comments based on content such as URLs, images, keywords, emojis, and phone numbers. You also have the power to have direct interaction with commenters through functionalities to like, delete, hide, block, or reply, thus facilitating dynamic engagement while controlling the narrative within the comment sections.

Team collaboration

The system enhances team collaboration by allowing role assignments and task delegation within the comment moderation team. You also excel at operational efficiency through features like bulk actions, automated notifications, and a responsive web application that adapts to different devices and operational needs, enabling your team members to manage comments effectively from anywhere.

Security and reliability

CommentGuard ensures a high level of security and privacy, allowing for safe collaboration without the need to share sensitive login details by offering customized access levels for team members. It is approved by Facebook and Instagram and trusted by over 500 brands, enhancing interaction quality and boosting advertisement conversion rates through reliable moderation and compliance with platform standards.

How CommentGuard will help you on Threads

As soon as the Threads API becomes publicly available, CommentGuard plans to extend its services to this new platform. For brands, this integration will mean they can manage comments across Facebook, Instagram, and Threads from a single dashboard, enhancing their efficiency and control over online interactions. The ability to automatically moderate comments with CommentGuard on Threads will be valuable for managing larger volumes of interactions and maintaining a consistent tone and policy across different platforms.

Brands will benefit significantly from CommentGuard’s ability to provide a unified solution for comment moderation across multiple social media platforms. This will not only save time but also help in upholding a brand’s reputation by ensuring that all user interactions are moderated according to predefined standards.


Threads offers a unique space for longer, meaningful discussions that go beyond quick comments and likes.  Comments shared by users offer great opportunities to brands and individuals foster more meaningful interactions and hence increase engagement with their content. But negative comments promote profanity and affect the brand’s reputation and engagement rates. While you can moderate the comments on the platform, with the upcoming Threads API, CommentGuard, will offer even greater control and efficiency in managing comments.