How to get more comments on Instagram?

According to Semrush, Instagram is the 7th most visited website worldwide, with over 8 billion monthly visits. 

A report by Statista shows that Instagram has 2 billion unique monthly users

Data reveals that 70% of shoppers visit Instagram for their next purchase. 

And, WebFX found that Instagram’s average CPC is $0 – $0.25, less than Facebook or YouTube.

So, what do these statistics tell us? 

Instagram is perfect for building an online presence and selling products. But that also makes it a competitive platform, with algorithms rewarding only the highly engaged accounts. 

So, how do you drive engagement to become the algorithm’s favorite?

Good news—you’re in the right place. This CommentGuard post lists ten effective strategies for getting more comments on Instagram. Each method below includes examples to help you build an Instagram strategy by getting inspiration from top brands. 

10 practical strategies to get more comments on Instagram

I reviewed successful influencers and brands on Instagram and interviewed experts to compile this list of strategies that get more comments. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Publish funny, creative, and informative content

Instagram is an excellent platform for attracting more buyers. But buying isn’t always their primary concern. Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, says Instagram is an entertaining platform. So, instead of marketing your brand or products, create entertaining content around your target audience’s interests. 

Statista also found that users’ most preferred content types on Instagram are funny, creative, and informative. Model your content strategy around these themes to attract a wider audience. 

most popular content on instagram

For example, SwiggyIndia has taken funny content to the next level. The page shares its opinions on trending Indian topics while entertaining followers with witty posts.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk about your products. Totino’s is one of the few brands on Instagram that creates content around its primary product while keeping it humorous and creative. All posts are about pizza rolls, though only a few mention buying from Totino’s.

Test different content types and see what resonates with your audience. Create funny, creative, and informative posts in various content formats that your followers find relevant and engaging. 

2. Write engaging captions

Captions are crucial for a post’s engagement since they provide context that the post alone might not. When a post catches their eye, followers read the caption for complete context.

That’s your chance to attract their attention by writing engaging captions. So, what’s an engaging caption? And how do you decide whether it interests your audience?

  • An entertaining post encourages a distracted user to stop scrolling and read the caption. 
  • An engaging caption encourages the reader to engage with the post—like or comment. 

Deciding whether your caption was engaging is easy: Compare it with your past posts and see if it got more engagement. 

Informative, funny, and creative captions attract attention. For example, Semrush’s captions are short but invite readers to engage:

But we can’t always be creative. In that case, questions generate responses. Smart creators subtly ask questions, pretending to be genuinely curious about something, but inviting more people to comment is their strategy. 

Use 8-10 relevant hashtags. Hashtags are still effective on Instagram and help you rank in the “Explore” section. Here’s how to find them: 

  • Find popular hashtags using “Search.”
  • Create new using a hashtag generator.
  • Take inspiration from competitors’ posts.
  • Brainstorm post-specific hashtags.

Pro tip: Hashtags with fewer posts are less competitive, which means your post is more likely to appear in the “Explore” section. 

3. Publish more reels, stories, and video content 

Which content type do you find yourself most engaging with? If you spend more than 15 minutes on average daily on Instagram, you already know the answer. Buffer also analyzed 12 million Instagram posts and confirmed that reels attract new followers and drive engagement.

Also, Adam Mosseri recently explained that different ranking factors rank different content types. As a result, Reels and Explore sections are ranked based on the user’s past activity, likes, comments, and engagement. 

Your lesson: Reels appear in the Explore section based on your followers’ activity, where other new users discover brands. Create one-minute reels around your audience’s interests so new users can find you. 

Are you camera shy? If so, create faceless reels that also perform well. You can always use your voice or add background music. However, testing different ways is good to determine what your audience connects with. 

Pro tip: Add those reels to stories to get engagement from your existing followers. Users prioritize stories of accounts they follow or have engaged with in the past, which will help you build a stronger bond with your current followers. 

4. Offer an incentive to followers who comment on your posts

People love free things, and by offering something valuable to your Instagram followers, you: 

  • Build an expert brand. 
  • Strengthen your relationship with followers.
  • Add only interested people to your email list.

But do you know offering incentives is also a great way to generate more comments on your posts? Let me show you an example. 

The creator promised 15 story ideas in this post, which she listed in the caption. But she also encouraged followers to comment “STORY” in the post to get story templates that sell and prompts to boost engagement. Now, interested people will add a comment to the post, which will increase engagement.

This also gives you a chance to get into your followers’ DMs. When people comment on your post, send them the resource via DM. How you want to take the conversation further is in your hands—nurture your relationship, add to your email list, or promote products. 

Incentives can be freebies like e-books, templates, and checklists you can create on Canva. Other options are resources like blog posts or webinar links. 

5. Post when your audience is the most active

It’s a no-brainer, but many beginners publish anytime. However, posting at the right time—when most of your followers are active—is the easiest way to get more eyeballs, likes, and comments. 

Instagram Insights allows you to see when most of your followers are active. On your profile page, click “view insights.” Scroll down to the “Profile and Followers” section. 

As you can see, most of my followers are active from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., Monday through Sunday. 

Note that Instagram Insights is only available for business accounts. So, if you haven’t already done so, convert your personal Instagram into a business account

6. Respond to every comment you receive 

The first few minutes after publishing your Instagram post are crucial. Let me explain why. These minutes decide how the post performs in the next few days:

  • If the post gets the initial engagement, the algorithm pushes it to more people.
  • If the post doesn’t get enough engagement, its reach dies quickly. 

So, after you publish a post, stay active for the next hour to respond to comments. Doing so drives more engagement to your post in the first few minutes of publishing it, which sends positive signals to the algorithm.
That said, responding to every comment builds a caring and positive brand image. Semrush, for example, is a big brand, but it takes time to respond to every comment to ensure followers feel heard.

Respond to every comment—it helps you build better relationships with followers and unlocks benefits like more engagement, new followers, and shares. 

7. Like, comment, and save your posts 

Many creators question whether they should engage with their posts. The internet has mixed opinions about this:

  • Some encourage doing it for the initial boost, which pushes the post further.
  • Some vote against it, saying it could hurt the post reach. 

So, should you do it? Yes, but not immediately after you publish the post, as we don’t want to trigger the algorithm. Becs Bate from Social Media Executive explains how to engage with your posts. She highlights two things:  

  • Research showed that immediately engaging with your posts negatively affected accounts. 
  • But doing it after some time—after getting engagement on the post by other people—helped it push further. 

So, after publishing the post, wait for some people to engage. Then, like, comment, and save your post so the algorithm counts it as additional engagement. 

If you notice engagement dying quickly, comment additional questions, hashtags, thoughts, or account tags. Add comments in a way that doesn’t appear spam. For example, check out this post by Ian Boggs. The creator adds two extra comments to show his love for Africa and to thank their safari driver.

8. Host contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways encourage followers to engage, give you more visibility, and attract more followers. Let’s take an example of a giveaway by Shipponbarn and Wrendale Designs to see how. 

The creator lists three things people must do to win the giveaway: 

  • Like and save the post 
  • Follow both accounts 
  • Tag a friend in the comments 

They also request followers to share the posts on stories, but it’s not necessary. After the contest, the winners receive the prize items. But what do the creators get in return? They get more followers, engagement, and visibility. 

Isn’t that amazing? You can also run giveaways. Prize items can be t-shirts, mugs, or books. Giving free trials or complimentary services works great if you sell digital products. 

To take it further, encourage winners to share their experiences and tag your account. User-generated content gets 70% more engagement than brand-only posts, so it’s a great way to increase visibility.   

9. Do AMAs (ask me anything) 

By doing AMAs, you position yourself as an expert and authoritative brand. AMA posts are good for engagement, but live streaming gets the best results. 

If you’re comfortable in front of a camera, go live on Instagram and answer your followers’ questions. If you get too many questions and cannot answer them all at once, assure your followers you’ll get back to them:

  • Convert their questions into posts and tag who asked the question. 
  • Create reels and carousels to respond to multiple questions with a common theme.
  • Add stories answering and tagging followers.
  • Send DMs to provide more personalized responses. 

Check out this successful AMA by Sean Smith for a new book launch. They did a live Instagram session to answer questions about the launch and responded through stories and posts to answer questions they might have missed. 

10. Before publishing, engage with others’ posts

Prepping up the Instagram algorithm before publishing your posts is like a 10-minute warm-up before a one-hour sprinting session. Engaging with others’ posts has three benefits: 

  • It signals the algorithm that you’re an active user, which pushes your content to an audience with similar interests.
  • You’re more likely to appear in their notifications or recommended accounts when you engage with others’ posts. 
  • It increases your chances of receiving engagement in return. People reciprocate likes, comments, and follows, which can boost your engagement.

So, how should you comment such that creators appreciate your gesture and algorithms push your content forward? 

A comment like “nice post” and AI-generated comments will not help. If you trigger the algorithm by adding too many AI comments, your account could be marked as spam or banned. 

Write meaningful comments to add value. Spend time understanding the creator’s post and add your opinion, ask a question, or agree/disagree with their post and explain why. 

Leaving meaningful comments will help you build strong relationships with other Instagram creators, which will help you get more engagement, followers, and opportunities in the long run. Make it a rule to spend 30 minutes engaging with others’ posts before publishing a new post. 

More engagement isn’t always better

With these strategies in your arsenal, you’re on your way to driving more engagement on your Instagram posts. While boosting engagement is crucial, excessive interaction isn’t always beneficial. More specifically, not all types of engagement are good for your account.

As your account grows, you’ll get spam comments and DMs. But ignoring them will hurt your profile. That’s why monitoring and removing harmful comments and DMs is crucial to keeping your account safe for your followers. 

Smart brands use CommentGuard, which monitors their account 24/7 and automatically hides unwanted comments. Sign up for a 7-day free trial and try CommentGuard to start monitoring your Instagram account and protect it against spam.