How to turn off reviews on Facebook in 2024

In 2024, managing your Facebook Business Page’s reviews is more important than ever.

Recommendations, often referred to as Facebook reviews, can shape how potential customers perceive your business and influence how your page ranks in Facebook search (according to Facebook).

But there’s a catch: Facebook doesn’t verify if a user leaving a review has actually purchased your product or service. This loophole allows anyone to leave a recommendation, positive or negative, which can be a problem—especially because you can’t hide or delete specific reviews.

Your only option is to completely turn off Facebook reviews.

In this CommentGuard article, we will walk you through how to turn off reviews on Facebook. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of doing so and explain how to handle false reviews or recommendations.

Where can you find your Facebook reviews?

You’ll find the reviews of your Facebook Business Page by first making sure that you’re switched from your Facebook Profile into using Facebook as your page.

Then on your page it will show Reviews at in the menu at the top of the page, unless it’s turned off (we’ll get to how to turn on and off the ability to leave reviews / recommendations later in this article).

When you visit other Facebook pages, you can also find the Reviews tab the same way.

Let’s for example take a look at the Facebook Business Page of our friends over at Leadsie.

leadsie facebook page reviews tab

After visiting their Facebook page and then clicking on Reviews, we can see the reviews they have received.

They have some really positieve reviews from happy users:

positive facebook review for

But also some positive recommendations that are clearly spam:

spammy facebook review on facebook

But, even though it’s spam this positive recommendation still adds to Leadsie’s Facebook Page Rating that is shown above the list of Facebook reviews they’ve received.

Facebook page ratings

Facebook Business Pages that allow reviews will sometimes have a page rating, if Facebook determines that it has received enough publicly visible recommendations. I’m adding publicly visible because only recommendations that are shared publicly by the author (and not just with their friends) will be included in the rating.

This rating is displayed on the page itself.

number of reviews & rating

And also when the Facebook Business Page is showing up in search.

leadsie facebook page showing up in facebook search while showing rating score

But how the overall rating is actually calculated is a bit vague, Facebook says that it’s “based on multiple sources, such as the reviews and recommendations people share about business pages on Facebook“. But it doesn’t say which other sources are included in the calculation next to the actual Facebook reviews.

facebook how are ratings calculated

It just says “you can influence the rating by leaving a review or recommending it to friends”, so how do you do that?

Recommending or advising against a business on Facebook

As a user you can recommend or advice against businesses that allow their page to be reviewed. If the Reviews tab is not turned off, you’ll find these two buttons:

do you recommend question facebook reviews - yes or no buttons

After clicking either Yes or No, you can write your recommendation and select the audience who should be able to see the review. By default it will be Public so everyone can see it, but you can also choose to limit the visibility to just all your friends, specific friends or custom lists of people.

facebook recommendation of the facebook page

Anyone can leave a Facebook comment, regardless of whether they have actually done business with the company. Facebook doesn’t check this, but just recommends people to base their reviews on personal experience and not leave reviews if they are managing the Facebook Business Page themselves.

Also recommendations should follow Facebook’s Community Standards, otherwise they may be removed.

How to turn off reviews on Facebook?

There isn’t a way to delete specific Facebook reviews or hide them like you can with comments, the only option is to completely turn off reviews on your Facebook Business Page.

Here’s how turn off reviews on your Facebook Page:

  1. Switch into using Facebook as your Page.
  2. Click on your Page’s profile picture in the top right.
  3. Click on Settings & privacy followed by Settings.
  4. Click Page and tagging in the sidebar menu.
  5. Turn off the toggle under Allow others to view and leave reviews on your Page?

When turned off the menu bar on your Facebook Page will no longer show the Reviews tab.

menu of facebook page without the reviews tab being displayed

Alternatively you can also access the option to turn off Facebook reviews, from your Reviews tab itself.

Here you can click on the button with three dots in it.

reviews tab in facebook

And then toggle off the option in the pop-up that will open:

option to allow reviews on your facebook page

How to report a false Facebook review?

Because anyone can leave reviews on your Facebook Page, the situation may arise that your review section is spammed or someone with bad intentions leaves false reviews.

These are a few ways in which spammers misuse Facebook reviews to spam:

Fake reviews

Positive reviews on your page significantly add value to your business by spreading good word-of-mouth but fake reviews destroy your reputation creating doubts about your products/services and customer treatment. This Is where spammers come in. They post fake reviews with terrible experiences and inconveniences to damage your reputation. Unhealthy competitors also use this ugly trick to impact your brand’s business.

Review farms 

Review farms is a concept of using a coordinated process to use fake profiles to harm a business by promoting another. Facebook allowing platform users to post reviews presents an avenue for individuals to use a bunch of fake profiles to post fake reviews to either boost their reputation and harm yours.

Inflammatory content

It’s natural to get frustrated and react to fake reviews on your page. Spammers use this trick to provoke reactions from page owners. This can create a negative impression of how you handle reviews amongst your customers.  


Unfortunately social media platforms like Facebook, serve as channels to promote online scams. Spammers use fake profiles to post scams as reviews with links, clicking on which redirects users to malicious websites exposing their personal information. When this happens, customers start to distrust your brand and consider alternatives.

If any of the above happens, you should try and report their recommendation to Facebook.

They will then be reviewed and if they are not following the Community Standards, they will be removed.

From my own experience, I know that the chance that Facebook will actually remove an annoying (and unjustified) review after you report it is very small. But it’s always worth a try.

To report a review, you can click the three small dots on the review and then click Report post.

report a false review on facebook

Then you can select the reason, which will often be Spam and submit your report.

reporting a facebook review - various reasons


Now you know how to turn off reviews / recommendations on your Facebook Business Page, if you want to completely want to remove the ability to leave reviews. Because this will also make your positive reviews invisible, this might not be something you want to do.

In that case it’s better to try and report spammy or false reviews to Facebook hoping they’ll remove them for you. If not, at least make sure to reply to them to show you’re responsive as a company and don’t leave customer reviews unanswered.

Inside CommentGuard, our moderation software for Facebook & Instagram, we also show Reviews. We add a small label to indicate that it’s a Facebook reviews, which explains why there are just a few options available (translate, reply and archive) while there’s a lot more you can do with normal comments.

facebook review inside commentguard

If you want to effortlessly moderate and manage comments across your posts & ads (and reviews!) learn more and sign up for our free 7-day trial, no credit card required.