Instagram auto-comments: when and how to use them?

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the largest and fastest growing social media platforms in the world.

It offers many features to individuals and businesses to grow on its mobile and web platforms.

But growing a business on Instagram isn’t simple. You need to put consistent effort to produce high-quality content and interact with your audience.

The comments section is a great place to make meaningful interactions with your audience by attending to their views.

But manually replying to every comment on your posts, ads, stories, or reel is almost impossible. This is where auto-comments on Instagram come in handy.

Auto-comments on Instagram help you attend to every comment of your customers.

You can use it to promote a positive brand image and enhance the customer service.

In this article, we’ll discuss what Instagram auto-comments are, and when, why and how to use them for your business.

What are Instagram auto-comments?

People express opinions through comments on Instagram.

The comments section acts as a remarkable channel between your brand and the audience.

For instance, say you’re about to launch a product, and in the initial test phase, decide to post a photo on Instagram to find how your audience reacts to the design. Well, this is where users can comment on the post to express their views.

But as a brand who provides value to its audience, it’s critical to attend to every comment on your post.

While it’s not a plausible thing, it helps strengthen your relations with your audience. This’s where Instagram auto-comments are a massive help.

Consider Instagram auto-comments a magical solution that replies to all your audiences for you.

With Instagram auto-comments, you can reply to your audience without going through the comments one-by-one.

The best part is, you can also set rules to program your automation to attend only the comments that meet specific criteria.

For instance, you can program an automatic reply to comments containing particular keywords like “Happy with the design,” or “Great Product.”

From auto-deleting offensive comments to auto-hiding all new comments, there are endless possibilities to program auto-comments for your brand’s growth on Instagram.

Difference between Instagram auto- comments and bots?

Instagram offers a world of opportunities to individuals and brands globally.

With a massive following and a loyal customer-base, you can generate revenue by marketing your brand on the platform. With many new features, you can also sell your products from the platform.

While brand’s individual journeys differ, everyone targeting growth on Instagram faces sheer competition.

This means not only do you need to deliver high-quality content regularly, but also interact with your audience to make an impact.

While this sounds simple, eventually it becomes tough.

This is why many Instagram users leverage the power of bots to automate actions like sharing, commenting, liking DM’ing and more.

Instagram strictly discourages users from using bots and even punishes accounts with bans.

As of today, the platform hosts millions of bots used by people who want quick results. 

Unfortunately, this has created a negative image of automation.

People confuse automation with bots.

So, what’s the difference between say Instagram auto-comments and bots?

Well, with Instagram auto-comments, you have complete control on the actions you want to execute. You have the freedom to program the auto-comments with rules, and filters. But you don’t have such freedom with bots.

While a bot will post out-of-context replies to every comment on your post, an Instagram auto commenter will post what you want it to reply to comments you direct it to.

Say you’ve posted a photo of your backend crew and someone has commented: “Nice Crew Pic!”

A bot might reply to the comment with: “good t-shirt” or even something offensive, totally out of context to your post.

But you can program your Instagram auto commenter to reply with a “thank You!” or “appreciate the comment.”

Benefits of Instagram auto-comments

Auto-comments on Instagram are an excellent way to interact with your audience quickly.

You needn’t worry about missing out on comments, or queries in the comments section.

Instagram auto-comments not only represent the tone of your brand, but also make your audience feel valued.

Enhances your customer service

A brand is built around its customers. Hence, it’s critical to carefully listen to their opinions, answer queries, and provide immediate help. 

When someone comments a query or asks for help with a product, they expect you to reply with a solution. This is where Instagram auto-comments shine. 

You can use it to auto-reply to comments with keywords like “help,” “how to,” etc. Now, you can filter these comments and attend to them. 

This bridges the communication gap between you and your customer. With quick replies, not only do you provide value to them, but also enhance your customer service.

Keeps your comments section clean

No matter how much effort you put into delivering top-quality content to your audience, you’ll find a few comments which harm your brand’s image and spam the comments section.

This includes repetitive comments or comments from bots.

Imagine encountering many offensive and out of context comments on your post.

This not only creates a negative image of your brand with real customers, but also promotes an unhealthy environment for your audience to express their opinions.

Well, Instagram auto-comments solve this issue.

You can set up moderation rules to automatically hide or delete such comments immediately. This’ll help you keep the comments section clean.

Improves the brand image

A positive word-of-mouth boosts growth by many folds.

You want customers to recommend your brand  to their families, friends, and say good things about your products.

This largely depends on how you behave with your customers.

If your brand listens to the concerns of its customers, incorporates changes, and provides them timely help, customers automatically realize the value and form a positive image of your brand.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to interact with them in the comments section.

You can use Instagram auto-comments to quickly reply as soon as they interact with your content, which makes them feel valued and eventually, they establish a positive image of your brand and spread a positive word-of-mouth.

Risks of Instagram auto-comments

Instagram auto-comments offer plenty of perks to help you interact with your customers better and grow your business organically.

But it’s good to stay informed of the risks as well.

Needs constant management

Instagram auto-comments work best when you take the time and put in the efforts to set moderation rules.

For instance, you must create rules if you wish to auto-comment on particular comments.

Perhaps you want to auto-hide or delete offensive comments, or maybe filter comments containing query keywords or emojis.

The freedom of moderating auto-comments around your requirements, means you must constantly set and update the rules to stay at the top of the game.

If not, customers might think you are a commenting bot.

Might fail for complex comments

You can automate Instagram comments around rules of your liking, but every-so-often, you’ll find some comments which are complex to attend.

For instance, you can’t expect customers to comment with a positive or negative sentiment only.

They might use a mix or simply ask a complex question, around which you mightn’t have set a rule.

In such cases, you might have to attend to the comments yourself to help the customers.

When to use Instagram auto-comments?

Now that you know the benefits and the risks of Instagram-auto comments, let’s go through a few scenarios where you can use it to generate maximum results.

Answering queries of customers

Whether you market your businesses through Instagram or run an individual brand, your customers or potential leads always have queries about your services/products.

By attending to these queries, you make them feel heard and send a message; you care about them.

While, if you ignore the queries or simply miss out on a few, the audience might feel ignored and form a negative image of your brand.

This Is where you can leverage the power of Instagram auto-comments. You can set a few rules, to auto-reply with solutions to the queries.

The best part is you can identify the frequently asked questions and create particular replies around them.

Hence, the next time someone posts a query in the comments section, you’ll immediately offer a solution.

Appreciating your customers

When you appreciate the efforts of your customer, you make them feel valued and eventually generate a loyal customer-base.

Such customers not only bring regular business, but also advocate your brand publicly. 

Say someone has commented, “I loved your product, it helps me a lot.”

You can either ignore this or program the Instagram auto commenter to reply: “Thank you! We are glad, you love the product.”

Now, this increases the value of your brand massively.

Perhaps if a customer has commented with an emoji or wants to know how to operate your product, you can set auto-comments to reply with a similar emoji, or link to a “How-to” page on your website.

This way you can appreciate the efforts customers make to comment on your posts.

Hide or delete profanity

Another scenario where you can use Instagram auto-comments is to hide/delete comments containing profanity.

You want to provide your customers a safe comments section where they can feel heard and express their opinions without distractions.

But what if the comments section is full of comments with offensive keywords, GIFs, images, and emojis.

Well, not only would this make your customers uncomfortable to comment, but create a negative brand image.

In such scenarios, you can program the Instagram auto-comments tools/software to automatically hide/delete comments containing offensive keywords, GIFs, images, and emojis.

This will help you keep the comments section clean and promote more discussions, which is great to attract more followers and eventually customers.

Instagram auto-comment software

Instagram auto-comments help you beat your competitors by miles, but there’s a catch. Your competitors might use such a software/tool for their business. Hence, to stay at the top of the game, you must pick the best Instagram auto-comment tool out there.

In this section, we’ll discuss our Instagram auto-comment tool CommentGuard.

CommentGuard is an incredible Instagram auto-comments tool that offers top-quality features to manage every aspect of commenting on Instagram.

There’s a lot to admire about the service because it understands unique commenting scenarios and provides features around them.

Let’s discuss some features of CommentGuard:

Protects your comment sections from profanity

CommentGuard offers blazing fast auto-detection features to process all comments within seconds of being posted.

Now, you can set rules to detect toxic, offensive or inappropriate remarks in 12 languages to delete immediately.

You can also enable the “Private Mode” to hide new comments to review them before unhiding from your post. 

This feature also works for comments containing spammy images, GIFs, links, and emojis.

CommentGuard also allows you to pick specific keywords, and emojis to hide or delete.

Organises your comments section

CommentGuard makes managing comments from all your posts, ads, stories, reels and pages, a seamless task.

You can easily generate a list containing all comments from many sources, and perform quick actions such as liking, deleting, hiding, banning, replying or even messaging privately.

But there’s more. You can save specific replies and execute them based on unique trigger keywords, and filters and run bulk actions with a few clicks.

Makes collaboration seamless

CommentGuard takes care of your collaboration requirements.

You can invite team members and grant them access to manage the comments, even if they don’t have access to your Instagram account.

You can also get particular by assigning only specific pages to your team members.


Now you know what Instagram auto-comments are, and when, why and how to use them for your business. They not only save you a lot of time and manual efforts, but also provide features to attend to all your comments smoothly. You can set rules to auto-hide, delete, filter and reply to comments containing specific keywords, emojis, images and GIFs. One of the best tools in the market is CommentGuard which offers remarkable management, and collaboration features.