How to turn off comments on Facebook ads?

Are your Facebook ads a magnet for uninvited commentary that distracts from your message? 

You're not alone.

Whenever something "smells" even the slightest bit promotional, there will always be people who feel the urge to leave offensive comments and spam.

It's a common headache for Facebook advertisers who often find themselves grappling with the question:

"Isn't there a way to just completely turn off comments on Facebook ads?"

The good news is, there is, but to disable Facebook ad comments you'll have to get a bit creative.

While Facebook allows you to completely disable comments on Group posts and control who can comment on your Page posts, unfortunately, this feature is not available for Facebook ads.

Yet, there are workarounds which I'll share with you in this article.

How can you turn off comments on Facebook ads?

In the Settings of your Facebook Page, there's a feature called Content Moderation.

It lets you create a list of specific keywords to block. If someone posts a comment with any of those words, it'll automatically be hidden - this works for both Facebook posts and Facebook ads.

Normally, you'd add offensive language or competitor names to this list. However, you can also add a long list of common words in your language, like frequently used English words, to hide most comments.

facebook content moderation hide ad comments

Would you like to hide more than just a pre-defined list of bad words, now you can.

Facebook's Content Moderation feature requires a minimum of 2 characters per word, so you can't add single letters of the alphabet to exclude any comment which includes these letters. 

This strategy is the closest you can get to turning off comments on Facebook ads without using third-party software. It's not perfect, but it does get the job done by hiding (almost) all comments.

You can then manually unhide the comments that you want to make publicly visible. 

Generally it's better to hide instead of delete Facebook comments anyway, because deleting comments feels too much like censorship. When hiding a Facebook comment, the person who wrote it probably won't even notice because this person and his/her friends can still see it, but everyone else can't. 

Disable Facebook comments completely using CommentGuard moderation software

As we wrap up this article on how to disable comments on Facebook ads, let's take a look at a special feature in CommentGuard, our comment moderation software for Facebook and Instagram. 

When enabled it will automatically hide all new comments you receive within seconds of being posted.

hide all comments on facebook

Around 30% of our users hide all comments on their posts & ads.

After comments are automatically hidden by CommentGuard, they will show up inside your dashboard where you can like, unhide, reply to, privately message, or delete these comments.

Would you like to reclaim control of your Facebook ad comment section?

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