How to turn off comments on Instagram?

Instagram hosts over 2 billion users on its platform. This offers many opportunities for businesses/brands and individuals to build a social presence and market their services/products to the relevant audience. 

The comments section plays a major role in attracting engagement from the audience, where they can express their opinions, and interact with each other. This offers constructive product  feedback to the brand and allows for direct interaction with the customers. 

But there is an ugly side to this. Not all comments have good sentiment, and intention. Such comments contain inappropriate language, shady emojis, links and irrelevant content which creates a bad reputation for your brand. As customers feel attacked and question the authenticity of your comments section, you lose the trust of your audience.

There are two ways to deal with this situation. You can either manage your comments through moderation tools like CommentGuard or turn off your Instagram comments.

In this CommentGuard article, we’ll thoroughly discuss how to turn off comments on Instagram.

Understanding Instagram comments

Comments on Instagram are more than just remarks under your photos and videos. They are a vital tool for engagement and feedback, enhancing the visibility of your posts. 

When followers comment on your shared content, it boosts your post’s engagement metrics, prompting Instagram’s algorithms to display it more, potentially even to non-followers. This increases your overall visibility and interaction. 

For example, asking your audience a question can lead to a surge in comments, offering direct insights and driving further engagement. High-quality interactions in the comments also help build a community around your content. 

Benefits of comments for brand and personal cuccess

Instagram comments offer an amazing opportunity to drive meaningful interactions around your brand and make the customers feel valued. Whether you are a brand or an individual creator, let’s discuss how Instagram comments help you.

Enhancing visibility

High-quality comments act as a catalyst for increasing visibility of your Instagram content. When followers comment on a post, it boosts the post’s engagement metrics. Instagram constantly measures and tracks the performance of your posts and displays them to a more relevant audience as the engagement on them increases. This includes those who do not follow the brand yet and hence enhances the brand visibility.

For example, when you post content that resonates well with your audience, the high volume of comments not only attracts more engagement from other users but also signals Instagram’s algorithm to feature your posts more prominently, increasing your reach and potential new followers.

Building community

Having relevant Instagram comments on your shared content helps in building a community for your brand. The comments section is like a platform where your followers can interact with each other and share their unfiltered views. Such interactions often create a domino effect, where one comment leads to another, building a community that revolves around the brand’s activities.

For instance, Nike leverages its Instagram to post inspirational and motivational content, which often sees followers encouraging each other in the comments. This not only helps in maintaining high engagement rates but also strengthens the community of fitness enthusiasts on Nike’s profile.

Direct communication

Creating and maintaining a successful brand involves making the customers and audience feel heard and valued. This happens when they can directly contact you to share their views and feedback. 

Comments provide you with a direct line of communication to your customers, which is more immediate and personal than other forms of customer interaction. This allows you to address concerns, clarify inquiries, and form a connection with your audience. 

For example, the cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty actively engages with its customers through comments, which helps the brand gauge public opinion, collects first-hand feedback, and quickly responds to queries, which enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Feedback and insights

Feedback from your customers helps you build strategies around their expectations, which enhances product development, marketing strategies, and content creation. 

For example, consider Starbucks’ introduction of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. The company initially tested its popularity through limited-time offers and recorded customer reactions predominantly through social media comments. The overwhelmingly positive response in the comments helped Starbucks make the Pumpkin Spice Latte a seasonal staple, significantly boosting autumn sales.

Personal branding

Apart from benefitting brands and businesses, Instagram comments also help individuals by enhancing their influence and outreach. Each comment on a shared post not only increases engagement but also enhances the visibility of the account to wider audiences.

For example, consider a lifestyle influencer posting about eco-friendly products. Positive comments from followers can enhance the influencer’s reputation as a credible source on sustainable living, encouraging new followers and collaborations, which boosts their personal brand. 


Instagram comments are also a powerful networking tool, especially for personal accounts. Through comments, users can connect with like-minded individuals, industry peers, and influencers, creating opportunities for collaboration.

For instance, a photographer sharing original content on Instagram can attract comments from potential clients or other photography enthusiasts. This interaction can turn into direct messaging and collaborations, which might not have occurred without the initial engagement through comments.

How negative comments affect your brand

We discussed how Instagram comments help your brand but negative comments can do the opposite. Let’s discuss how. 

Brand reputation

Comments containing inappropriate terms and completely irrelevant to your shared content harm your brand’s reputation significantly. Such comments affect the sentiments of genuine customers and promote an unhealthy environment for engagement. As customers feel that your brand lacks moderation or promotes profanity in the comments, your reputation gets affected.

Say you are an organic skincare brand and have recently launched a new product but received inappropriate comments, profanity, and irrelevant spam advertising competitor brands. Reading these comments, customers can consider you as a brand that either neglects the importance of community management and endorses such negativity by not addressing the inappropriate content. 

Engagement levels

While comments typically are a measure of engagement, negative or harmful comments create a toxic environment on your brand page/account. Imagine, genuine customers discovering comments with highly vulgar/ inappropriate language. Not only does this discourage them from commenting, but it also questions the authenticity of your brand. Such an environment decreases overall engagement levels, including likes, shares, and positive comments. 

Say you are a popular coffee shop chain that uses Instagram to promote daily specials and have just shared a new menu. But the comments include vulgar language and inappropriate jokes. Regular and potential new customers interacting with the post on reading such comments can get discouraged from interacting or leaving positive feedback, which reduces the post’s visibility in Instagram feeds.

Bullying and harassment

Comments on Instagram can also be a medium for bullying and harassment, targeting both individuals and brands. Unhealthy competitors and bot accounts can leave comments which are abusive and contain threats, leading to severe psychological damage to an individual’s or brand’s social presence.  

Say you are an emerging fashion influencer who regularly posts content featuring personal style, fashion tips, and brand reviews. But recently noticed that competitors or bots have left harsh comments criticizing your choices, appearance, and even making threats. These comments can make you feel unsafe and harassed, affecting your mental well-being and enthusiasm for sharing content.

How to turn off comments on Instagram

In this section, we’ll discuss all the steps you need to follow to turn off comments on Instagram for various formats like posts, reels, stories, etc.

How to turn off comments on an Instagram post before publishing?

If you want to post something on Instagram without allowing comments, you can turn off the commenting feature when you publish the post:

  • Go to the “New Post” area when you are ready to post.
  • Tap on “Advanced settings”.
  • Activate the “Turn off commenting” option.
  • Go back, complete your post details, then post it by tapping the check mark “✓” at the top right corner.

How to turn off comments on an Instagram post after publishing?

To stop comments on an Instagram post after it is live, do:

  • Open Instagram.
  • Click your profile picture to go to your profile.
  • Find and select the post you want to change.
  • Tap the three dots above your post.
  • Choose “Turn off commenting”.

Once disabled, the comment icon will disappear, removing the comment section from the post, and neither you nor your followers will view or add previous comments.

How to turn off comments on Instagram live sessions?

You can control comments on your Instagram Live videos with these steps:

  • Open Instagram and tap the “+” icon in the middle, then select “Live.”
  • Start your live video by tapping the live button.
  • Tap the three horizontal dots in the comment area.
  • Select “Turn off commenting” from the options.

This will show “Comments off” in the comment area, preventing viewers from commenting. If you want to re-enable comments, just tap the three dots again and select “Turn on commenting.”

How to turn off comments on Instagram stories?

Instagram Stories doesn’t support comments, but you can disable message replies:

  • Open Instagram, go to your profile and tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the top right.
  • Tap “Messages and story replies.” 
  • Click on “Story replies.”
  • Set the option for “Don’t allow story replies.” 

If you set it to “People you follow,” only those you follow can reply to your stories. This reduces unwanted messages.

How to turn off comments on Instagram Reels?

Turning off comments on Instagram Reels is like posts:

  • Open Instagram, go to your profile and navigate to your Reels.
  • Choose the Reel for which you want to disable comments.
  • Tap the three dots at the bottom right of the Reel.
  • Click “Manage,” then select  “Turn off commenting” from the menu.

This hides the comments section, and to enable comments again, tap the three dots and choose “Turn on commenting.”

How to turn off comments by default on all Instagram posts?

While you can turn off commenting on individual posts, Instagram doesn’t allow turning off commenting for all your posts at once.

But there is a better solution: CommentGuard.

With it, you can:

  • View all your comments in a single dashboard. This works for posts, and advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and more. 
  • Automatically filter out comments based on emojis, images, links, phone numbers, keywords and sentiments.
  • Automatically hide all new comments and review them manually before approving.
  • Like, delete, hide, block, and reply  to the commenter.
  • Collaborate with your team to manage various comment sections by assigning roles.

Limitations and consequences of turning off Instagram comments

While turning off comments on Instagram can protect your brand from negative interactions, such as inappropriate content or trolling, it’s important to understand the consequences of this action.

Reduced user interaction

One of the immediate effects of disabling comments is the significant reduction in user interaction. Comments are a primary means for followers to engage with content. By turning them off, you restrict followers’ ability to interact directly with your posts.

Loss of valuable feedback

Comments are not only a form of engagement but also an important source of feedback for brands and creators. They can provide insights into what your audience thinks about your content, products, or services.

Without comments, it can be challenging to analyze public reaction to new products or content, which can limit the innovation and responsiveness to market demands.

Perception of censorship

Disabling comments can sometimes be perceived as a way to dodge public scrutiny. This can harm a brand’s or individual’s reputation if not handled carefully.

If customers believe a brand is limiting comments to avoid criticism, it may lead to distrust and a perceived lack of transparency, which can be damaging to the brand’s image.


Managing comments on Instagram effectively is crucial for maintaining a positive brand image and user engagement. Negative comments impact your brand image and devalue your customers. But you can turn off comments on Instagram to stop these comments. You can also use tools like CommentGuard to simplify this process. It offers you comment moderation capabilities that filter unwanted content and streamline interactions. 


Well, that was a lot of information. Take a deep breath. Dive into these questions, if you have any doubts. 

How can I turn off comments for a single Instagram post?

To turn off comments for a single post before publishing, go to “Advanced settings” while preparing your post and toggle “Turn off commenting” to on. If the post is already published, tap the three dots above the post and select “Turn off commenting” from the dropdown menu.

What steps are involved in disabling comments on Instagram Live?

To disable comments on an Instagram Live session, start your live video, then tap the three horizontal dots in the comment box and select “Turn off commenting.” This will prevent viewers from commenting for the duration of the live session. You can re-enable comments at any time using the same steps.

Can I disable comments on Instagram Reels and Stories as well?

Yes, you can disable interactions on both Reels and Stories. For Reels, select the Reel, tap the three dots, and choose “Manage,” and “Turn off commenting.” For Stories, go to Settings >  Messages and story replies> story reply and set “Don’t allow story replies.” This will prevent viewers from responding to your stories.

Is it possible to automatically disable comments on all my posts?

Instagram doesn’t natively support turning off comments for all posts simultaneously. However, you can use a third-party service like CommentGuard to manage comments across all your posts efficiently. This tool allows you to bulk disable or delete comments, helping maintain a cleaner and more controlled comment environment.